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71 . Young adolescents rebel to express their ________.
A. Their creativity
B. Their desire for freedom
C. Their personal inadequacy
D. External discipline imposed

72 . You have an aggressive student in your class. Which of the following would you adopt to handle him?
A. Punish him
B. Allow him the opportunity to act aggressively
C. Put him in a highly frustrating and enbarrassing situation 
D. Make him aware of the harmful consequences of aggression

73 . _________ undertook the innovative project 'Lok Jumbish People's movement for Education for All'?
A. Bihar B. Rajasthan
C. Uttar Pradesh D. Madhya Pradesh

74 . Can a teacher suspend a student?
A. Yes B. No
C. Doubt D. May not sure

75 . A blackboard cannot be used for __________.
A. Show schematic diagrams
B. Improvement of a paragraph
C. Making reports based on information
D. Summary of relationships between facts



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