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66 . _______ is the major cause of difference in the classroom behaviour of boys and girls.
A. Job aspirations
B. Educational levels
C. Societal expectations
D. Developmental differences

67 . Which of the following pairs is incorrectly matched?
A. Piaget - Moral Development
B. Thorndike - Theory X and Y
C. Maslow - Hierarchy of Needs
D. Skinner - Programmed Learning

68 . What is the biggest advantage of interaction between the teacher and the students?
A. It satisfies the teacher
B. It facilitates effective learning
C. It results in better group relations
D. It encourages the students to ask questions

69 . _______ cannot be adopted for effective classroom teaching.
A. Use of technological aids
B. Improving classroom climate
C. Manipulating teaching methods
D. Teaching latest trends and advances

70 . Majority of the students in a class misbehave, what does it tell you?
A. Too many rules
B. Lack of a code of conduct
C. Presence of distractions in the class
D. General indiscipline amongst students



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