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56 . Equalisation of educational opportunity is provided in ____________ of Indian Constitution.
A. Article 41 B. Article 42
C. Article 44 D. Article 45

57 . How can forgetting be minimised?
A. Recitation B. Cramming
C. Overlearning D. Discrimination

58 . What would you do if you find two students of your class fighting?
A. Ignore the fight
B. Punish both of them
C. Ignore the aggressor
D. Punish the aggressive child

59 . Where is the First Central Institute of Vocational Education located?
A. Bhopal B. Mumbai
C. Calcutta D. Coimbatore

60 . The major disadvantage of punishment in education is that ___________
A. It prevents team work
B. It generates unpleasant feelings
C. It causes embarrassment in children
D. It does not solve the problem permanently



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