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51 . A student is 'Exceptional' when his performance is significantly ____________.
A. Below the average student
B. Above the average student
C. Similar to the average student
D. Above or below the average student

52 . When is the best time to evaluate a student's performance?
A. When the instruction have begun 
B. When the instruction have ended
C. Throughout the instructional process
D. Only at the end of major units of instruction

53 . When was the National Adult Education Programme (NAEP) launched?
A. 1975 B. 1976
C. 1977 D. 1978

54 . When is 'National Teachers Day' celebrated?
A. January 15 B. February 28
C. September 5 D. October 5

55 . What advantage do objective type tests have over essay tests?
A. They are easier to interpret
B. They take less time to prepare
C. The sampling content can be wider
D. They require less technical knowledge



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