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46 . Which subject tries to understand the role of man in changing his environment?
A. History B. Biology
C. Geography D. Political Science

47 . Why is teacher training necessary?
A. Understand methods of school organisation
B. Upgrade knowledge of content
C. Increase teaching skills
D. All the above

48 . Study of _______ improves a students ability to experiment and analyse
A. Science B. History
C. Language D. Mathematics

49 . Learning in the mother-tongue helps a student to _________ what is being taught.
A. Create B. Interpret
C. Reproduce D. Easily comprehend

50 . Which educational psychologist believed in the fact that 'All children have the potential to learn'?
A. John Dewey
B. Friedrich Frobel
C. Maria Montessori
D. Johann Friedrich Herbart



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