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1 . Who took over as Secretary to GoI in the MHA on 31st Aug 2017?
A. Shri Rajiv Gauba B. Shri Rajiv Singh
C. Shri Rajiv Gupta D. Shri Rajiv Sinha

2 . Which common food processing incubation centre was launched in Chettikulam village?
A. Small Onions B. Shallots
C. Tomatoes D. Both a and b

3 . CBDT and CBEC held a joint conference under the umbrella of which meet for the first time?
A. Rajaswa Gyan Sangam
B. Udesh Gyan Sangam
C. Sandesh Gyan Sangam
D. Sandharbh Gyan Sangam

4 . Researchers at IIT have discovered a bioartificial model of which organ growing within a 3D silk scaffold?
A. Liver B. Kidney
C. Stomach D. Pancreas

5 . India and which country signed an MoU to restore damaged pagodas at Bagan?
A. Myanmar B. Vietnam
C. China D. Japan