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6 . Who has become first Indian woman to cross 60m in javelian throw?
A. Sindoor Gujar
B. Annu Rani
C. Seema Antil
D. H. M. Jyothi

7 . The book “All That Man Is” has been authored by whom?
A. Latheesh Mohan
B. Milind D’souza
C. P. Lankesh
D. David Szalay

8 . Which state has topped list of endemic flowering plant in India, as per the recently released publication of Botanical Survey of India (BSI) titled “Endemic Vascular Plants of India”?
A. Kerala B. Karnataka
C. Tamil Nadu D. Andhra Pradesh

9 . Who is the newly elected president of Indian Newspaper Society (INS)?
A. Kiran B Vadodaria
B. Somesh Sharma
C. Ravindra Kumar
D. P. V. Chandran 

10 . “Abhaneri” festival has started in which state of India?
A. Rajasthan B. Punjab
C. Haryana D. Maharashtra