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11 . Which state’s Skill Development Authority has signed an MoU with Singapore-based ITE Education Services (ITEES) on November 2, 2017 for skill development in the State?
A. Maharashtra B. Odisha
C. Haryana D. Gujarat

12 . Which is the lowest ranking state in the recent Gender Vulnerability Index (GVI) released by Child development NGO Plan India?
A. Bihar B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Punjab D. Uttar Pradesh

13 . Retail firm Walmart has opened its first dark store (fulfilment centre) in which Indian city?
A. Bhiwandi B. Navi Mumbai
C. Noida D. Bhiwani

14 . Which among the given words has been named the word of the year 2017 by Collins dictionary?
A. Hang Out B. Selfie
C. Fake News D. Screw Up

15 . ICICI Bank has teamed up with which technology firm to launch India’s first voice-based international remittance service?
A. Apple B. Microsoft
C. IBM D. Intel