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16 . What is the theme of 2016 World Savings Day?
A. Grabbing Hold of Your Financial Future
B. Shining a light on what people value
C. A global celebration for saving
D. Saving, investment and planning for retirement

17 . “Sampriti-2016” a joint military training exercise will be conducted between India and which country?
A. Germany B. Venezuela
C. Italy D. Bangladesh

18 . The book “Immortal” has been authored by whom?
A. Krishna Udayasankar B. Ajay Kotian
C. Umang Jethva
D. Nikita Deshpande

19 . The International Forum on Adopting an ICT Perspective to Education and Learning has started in which city?
A. New Delhi B. Chennai
C. Pune D. None of these

20 . Which bank has launched home loan overdraft facility for salaried customers?
A. SBI Bank B. PNB Bank
C. ICICI Bank D. HDFC Bank