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11 . Who has won the 2016 Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix?
A. Sebastian Vettel
B. Nico Rosberg
C. Lewis Hamilton D. Daniel Ricciardo

12 . M N Sharma, who passed away recently, was the first chief architect of which Indian city?
A. Chennai B. Chandigarh
C. New Delhi D. Kolkata

13 . “Parippida Mission” has been launched by which state government to ensure housing for all?
A. Assam B. Tamil Nadu
C. Karnataka D. Kerala

14 . Katherine Espin, who won the crown of 2016 Miss Earth, is belonged to which country?
A. Colombia
B. Ecuador
C. Venezuela

15 . Silvio Gazzaniga, who designed the FIFA World Cup trophy, was belonged to which country ?
A. Iran B. France
C. Italy D. Brazil