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1 . NASA's First Planetary Defense Technology to Collide with Asteroid in __________
A. 2020 B. 2021
C. 2022 D. 2025

2 . Name the Financial service company, which has planned to invest $1 billion in India.
A. American Express B. Mastercard
C. Maestro D. Citibank

3 . Where was the Indian Navy's missile destroyer, INS Ranjit decommissioned recently?
A. Mumbai, Maharashtra
B. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
C. Chennai, Tamil Nadu
D. Balasore, Odisha

4 . Which bank has slipped down and attains 10th spot as most valued bank?
A. HDFC Bank B. Kotak Mahindra Bank
C. Yes Bank D. Bank of Baroda

5 . Who among the following was awarded with the highest US civilian honour?
A. Michael Jordan B. Serena Williams
C. Tiger Woods D. Dwayne Johnson