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16 . Who is the newly appointed Prime Minister of Republic of the Sudan?
A. Hassan al-Bashir
B. Bakri Hassan Saleh
C. Muhammad Ahmad
D. Hassabu Mohamed Rahman

17 . What is the theme of 2017 Zero Discrimination Day (ZDD)?
A. Make Some Noise for Zero Discrimination
B. Think & Act on Unity
C. Open Up, Reach Out
D. Stand Out

18 . The Civil Accounts Day (CAD) is observed on which date in India ?
A. March 1 B. March 3
C. March 5 D. March 7

19 . Who has been conferred with the 2017 Harvard Humanitarian of the Year award?
A. Thorbjorn Jagland
B. Aung San Suu Kyi
C. Robyn Rihanna Fenty
D. Bishop Desmond Tutu

20 . Avani Lekhara is associated with which sports?
A. Tennis B. Cricket
C. Hockey D. Shooting