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746 . Which South Korean company's chief has been charged with bribery and embezzlement?
A. Samsung B. Maruti
C. Hyundai D. Akai

747 . Which software major is offering iOT based solution for wind parks and wind turbine manufacturers?
A. TCS B. Wipro
C. Infosys D. HP

748 . Scientists have said global warming could melt mountain snow slowly, leading to which of the following effects?
A. Less water for humans
B. More water for plants
C. Water that evaporates more easily rather than flowing into reservoirs
D. All of the above

749 . Tejas, the Light Combat Aircraft has successfully test fired Derby ____________ missile in RADAR guided mode.
A. Air to Air
B. Air to Surface
C. Surface to Surface
D. Under water to Surface 

750 . R. R. Laxman is associated with which sports?
A. Chess B. Tennis
C. Football D. Boxing