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36 . Which became the 4th state to pass resolution against Citizenship Amendment Act?
A. West Bengal B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Assam D. Tripura

37 . Who won the national award instituted by Kerala Media Academy?
A. Mridul Eappen B. N. Ram
C. Pinarayi Vijayan D. A. Shajahan

38 . Marjan Sarec, who recently resigned was the Prime Minister of which country?
A. Slovenia B. Serbia
C. Croatia D. Slovakia

39 . Indian Railways is to run 100 percent on electricity by which year?
A. 2022 B. 2024
C. 2030 D. 2032

40 . Who recently awarded Police Medal for Gallantry for RPF, RPSF?
A. Amit Shah B. Sharad Arvind Bobde
C. Narendra Modi D. Ram Nath Kovind