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31 . India celebrated its ________ Republic Day on 26th January 2020?
A. 69th B. 70th
D. 72nd

32 . Who won the women's singles title at Thailand Masters badminton in Bangkok?
A. An Se-young B. Tai Tzu ying
C. Carolina Marin D. Akane Yamaguchi

33 . Who won the Oxford Bookstore Book Cover Prize for designing the cover of "Tiffin: Authentic Recipes Celebrating India's Regional Cuisine"?
A. Sneha Pamneja B. Namita Gokhale
C. Shobhaa De D. Shashi Tharoor

34 . International Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed on which date?
A. 25th January B. 26th January
C. 27th January D. 28th January

35 . Who took charge as IBA Chief Executive?
A. VG Kannan B. Sunil Mehta
C. Vipin Anand D. Michel A. Khalaf