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181 . What is the hottest recorded temperature in Antarctica?
A. 19.7 Celsius B. 18.3 Celsius
C. 17.5 Celsius D. 16.1 Celsius

182 . What is the cost of the service under the newly launched Janasevaka Scheme?
A. Rs. 220 B. Rs. 192
C. Rs. 115 D. Rs. 70

183 . According to theIndia Justice Report-2019, which state has been ranked first on the capacity of justice delivery systemamong the 18 large and mid-sized states?
A. Karnataka B. Maharashtra
C. Gujarat D. Assam

184 . Who has been has been appointed Britain's ambassador to the United States?
A. Simon McDonald B. Karen Pierce
C. Mark Sedwill D. Kim Darroch

185 . Who recently got honourable mention in 2019 International Olympic Committee's Coaches Lifetime Achievement Award?
A. Pullela Gopichand B. Satpal Singh
C. Cyrus Poncha D. Nihar Ameen