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1 . The start-up incubation centre named Centre for Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Learning (CEOL) has recently been inaugurated in which state by Nirmala Sitharaman?
A. Telanaga B. Tamil Nadu
C. Karnataka D. Goa

2 . Which among the following banks has recently entered into partnership with Abu Dhabi based Lulu Exchange to make cross border remittances using blockchain technology
A. Catholic Syrian Bank Limited
B. Axis Bank
C. HDFC Bank
D. Federal Bank

3 . In an effort to combat climate change the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change recently approved a regional project on ‘Climate Resilience Building among Farmers through Crop Residue Man
A. Himachal Pradesh B. Punjab
C. Haryana D. Uttar Pradesh

4 . Which state government has unveiled a price deficit compensation scheme named Bhavantar Bharpai to compensate farmers of the state for price deficit on vegetable produce?
A. Telangana B. Haryana
C. Assam D. West Bengal

5 . The 105th Session of the Indian Science Congress will be held in which state in 2018?
A. Manipur B. Meghalaya
C. Assam D. Mizoram