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861 . What is the estimated growth rate of the agricultural sector for the current fiscal year according to the Economic Survey 2016-17?
A. 4.1 Percent B. 6.2 Percent
C. 4.5 Percent D. 5.2 Percent

862 . With which country India conducted a high level consultation on January 31, 2017 to share views on counter terrorism?
A. Japan B. Russia
C. France D. Germany

863 . The World’s Largest Battery Storage Plant has been set up in which country on January 30, 2017?
A. California, United States
B. London, United Kingdom
C. Berlin, Germany
D. Paris, France

864 . Which automotive manufacturing company has launched TAMO as its sub-brand and a startup to develop futuristic vehicles?
A. Tata Motors
B. Maruti Suzuki
C. Bajaj Auto Limited
D. Mahindra & Mahindra Limited