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46 . Arthur Morris, who has been inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame, was the legendary cricketer of which country?
A. England
B. Australia
C. West Indies 
D. South Africa

47 . Which country has recently hosted the Chitwan Elephant Festival to promote tourism?
A. China B. Nepal
C. India D. Myanmar

48 . Which of the following companies has launched “Digital Unlocked” the training program for Indian small businesses?
A. Google B. Twitter
C. Facebook D. Microsoft

49 . Who has been appointed as the new President of the Rockefeller Foundation?
A. Rajiv J Shah
B. John Dgeio
C. Kanti Mehta
D. Arun Chattopadhyay

50 . Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan, who passed away recently, was the famous musician of which musical instrument?
A. Sitar B. Flute
C. Tabla
D. Sarangi