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246 . Which country signed an accord to join NATO to become the 30th member of the US-led alliance?
A. Zimbabwe B. Macedonia
C. Myanmar D. Ukraine

247 . Recently, in its Monetary policy, the RBI reduce the policy repo rate to how much percent?
A. 6.5% B. 6.30%
C. 6.25% D. 6.15%

248 . The seventh annual World Government Summit will be held in __________
B. Dubai
C. New York
D. Tokyo

249 . National Deworming Day (NDD-2019) was observed on;
A. February 09 B. February 10
C. February 11 D. February 12

250 . Dikkibandi stadium was renamed after former Lok Sabha Speaker Purno A Sangma. It was located in the state of;
A. Tripura B. Meghalaya
C. Manipur D. Uttarakhand