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46 . What was the theme of World Wetlands Day celebrated on 2nd February 2019?
A. Wetland Preservation
B. Wetlands and the Environment
C. Wetlands and Climate Change
D. Conservation of Wetland

47 . South Korea's Ki Sung-yueng announced his retirement from which sport on 31st January 2019?
A. Hockey B. Football
C. Basketball D. Cricket

48 . What is the India's rank at the 2018 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of Transparency International (TI)?
A. 52 B. 62
C. 78 D.

49 . Which of the following country has announced its withdrawal from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty?
A. France B. US
C. UK D. China

50 . Recently,RBI has exempted Bank of india,Bank of Maharashtra and which other bank from PCAF(Prompt Corrective Action Framework)?
A. IDBI Bank
B. Bank of Baroda
C. Oriental Bank of Commerce
D. Indian Overseas Bank