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16 . The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) raising day is celebrated on which date?
A. February 1 B. February 2
C. February 3 D. February 4

17 . Who has been appointed the new Engineer-in-Chief of the Indian Army?
A. K V Pratap
B. Suresh Sharma
C. R.R. Nimbhorkar 
D. Sanjeevani Kutty

18 . Who has been sworn-in as the new United States Secretary of State?
A. Nikki Halley
B. Darren Woods
C. Rex Tillerson D. Thomas Jefferson

19 . The book “The Man Who Became Khali” has been authored by whom?
A. Vinod Rai
B. Kapil Jain
C. Shantanu Rai
D. Dalip Singh Rana

20 . How much amount has been sanctioned by the World Bank for “Third Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP III)” of India?
A. $200.50 million B. $201.50 million
C. $202.50 million D. $203.50 million