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6 . According to the report by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), India’s GDP growth recovered by ____ percent in the second quarter (July-September) of 2017-18.
A. 6.3 Percent B. 6 Percent
C. 6.7 Percent D. 6.5 Percent

7 . Name the winner of the 2017 World Weightlifting Championship in the 48 kg event held in Anaheim, USA.
A. Ana Segura B. Mirabai Chanu
C. Thunya Sukcharoen D. Chiraphan Nanthawong

8 . Kalabhavan Abi died due to health issues on November 30, 2017. He was a renowned actor of which language?
A. Kannada B. Malayalam
C. Bengali D. Telugu

9 . Who among the following snooker players has clinched the 2017 IBSF World Snooker Championship?
A. Pankaj Advani B. Amir Sarkhosh
C. Soheil Vahedi D. Muhammad Asif

10 . How much amount of loan has been approved by the Asian Development Bank to improve rural roads in five states of India under the ‘Second Rural Connectivity Investment Programme’?
A. $550 million B. $650 million
C. $500 million D. $600 million