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21 . Who has become the first Asian to swim UK-France channel?
A. Sharad Tiwari B. Prabhat Koli
C. Swapan Kumar D. Sourabh Verma

22 . Which high level empowered committee has been constituted to address the issues of stressed thermal power projects?
A. Pradeep Kumar Sinha committee
B. Ajit Balaji Joshi committee
C. J H Thomas committee
D. Dan Singh Rawat committee

23 . Which state government will set up ‘iHub’ (the intelligent hub) for research and scientific learning?
A. Andhra Pradesh
B.  Himachal Pradesh
C. Telangana
D. Tamil Nadu

24 . IT ministry launched which desktop software to enable editing of text printed on scanned documents ?
A. M-Aksharayan B. E-Aksharayan
C. V-Aksharayan D. C-Aksharayan

25 . Which state government will setup a state of the art B-Hub?
A. Odisha B. Telangana
C. UP D. Karnataka