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11 . Mahesh Singh is appointed as the Flag Officer Commanding of ___________
A. Karnataka Naval Area
B. West Bengal Naval Area
C. Tamil Nadu Naval Area
D. Orissa Naval Area

12 . ISRO Launches PSLV C-45 Carrying EMISAT with how many Nano satellite?
A. 12 B. 25
C. 28 D. 32

13 . Filmmaker Rima Das appointed as the ambassador of TIFF's 'Share Her Journey'. She belongs to the state of;
A. Bihar B. Assam
C. Rajasthan D. Gujarat

14 . The Reserve Bank sets the average base rates of NBFC-MFI. It is;
A. 8.15% B. 8.81%
C. 9.21% D. 9.52%

15 . Russia open a helicopter training centre in which country?
A. Venezuela B. Mexico
C. Colombia D. Turkey