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6 . US state of New Jersey's State Assembly has declared which month as 'Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month'?
A. April B. May
C. June D. July

7 . Who has been elected the Chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Southern Region for the 2018-19 period?
A. R Dinesh
B. Kumar Birla
C. Shantanu Naren
D. Richard Fairbank

8 . Which social networking service has introduced "Timestamps" to share a key moment from long, live videos?
A. Instagram
B. Whatsapp
C. Facebook D. Twitter

9 . Who of the following has been appointed as the Deputy Collector of Andra Pradeh?
A. Ashwini Ponnappa
B. P. V. Sindhu
C. Kidambi Srikanth
D. B. Sai Praneeth

10 . Which military has successfully tested its latest intercontinental ballistic missile 'SARMAT' recently?
A. Russia B. China
C. Japan D. French