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1 . India’s first International Centre for Foot and Mouth Disease (ICFMD) has set up in which state?
A. Goa B. Assam
C. Odisha D. Haryana

2 . Who has been appointed the new Vice Chancellor of Nalanda University?
A. Vijay Bhatkar
B. Pankaj Singh
C. Sunaina Singh D. Arvind Sharma

3 . Which Indian Chief Minister has been selected for the USIBC Transformative Chief Minister (TCM) award?
A. Sarbananda Sonowal
B. N. Chandrababu Naidu
C. Raman Singh
Nitin Kumar

4 . Japan will provide how much Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan for infrastructure projects in India for FY 17?
A. Yen 171 billion
B. Yen 271 billion
C. Yen 371 billion D. Yen 471 billion

5 . Who has been appointed the new chairman of the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC)?
A. Ram tirth B. Najib Shah
C. Vanaja Sarna D. Milind Sharma