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1 . The _____ symbol is used in a flowchart to represent a step that gets information from the user.
A. Process B. Start/Stop
C. Input/Output D. Selection/repetition

2 . System Study involves
A. identifying current deficiencies and establishing new goals
B. documenting the existing system
C. study of an existing system
D. all of the above

3 . The primary tool used in structured design is a:
A. module B. structure chart
C. data-flow diagram D. program flowchart

4 . In a _____ one module of the new information system is activates at a time.
A. CASE tool
B. Success factors
C. Phased Conversion
D. System Development Life Cycle

5 . In Prototyping
A. 4GLs are used B. BASIC is used
C. COBOL is used D. system is documented