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1 . What is a DFD ?
A. The primary output of the system design phase
B. Mainly used at systems specification stage
C. The modern version of flowchart
D. All of the above

2 . Checking quality of software in both simulated and live environments is known as
A. Vaidity
B. Usability
C. Checking D. Validation

3 . The system should provide which thing, to avoid error in transcription and transposition, during data entry?
A. Batch totals B. A check digit
C. A hand totals D. All of these

4 . HIPO is
A. Captures essence of top down decomposition
B. A forms driven technique in which standard forms are used to documents the information
C. Consists of a hierarchy chart and an associate set of input/process/output charts
D. All of these

5 . DFD shows
A. The processes
B. The flow of data
C. The areas where they are stored
D. All of the above