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1 . In COMAL language programs, parameters after name of procedure must be put in
A. brackets
B. back-slash
C. insecure data
D. punctuation marks

2 . Programming language COBOL works best if used for
A. beginners
B. student applications
C. commercial applications
D. household user interface

3 . Program subroutines are
A. fixed variable
B. default variables
C. default constants
D. called by other programs

4 . In line "110 DIM num(10)" in BASIC language, 'Line 110' declares
A. one-dimensional array
B. two-dimensional array
C. three-dimension array
D. multi-dimension array

5 . Statement "130 num(subs) = 2*subs-1" is an example of
A. array in BASIC B. array in PASCAL
C. array in COMAL D. array in COBOL