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36 . You can edit an embedded organization chart object by ?
A. Double clicking the organization chart object
B. Clicking edit object
C. Right clicking the chart object, then clicking edit MS-Organizaiton Chart object
D. A and C both

37 . 5. Which of the following is not one of PowerPoint view ?
A. Slide show view
B. Slide view
C. Presentation view
D. Outline view

38 . Which PowerPoint view works best for adding slide transitions ?
A. Slide show view
B. Slide sorter view
C. Slide view
D. Notes view

39 . Which PowerPoint feature allows the user to create a simple presentation quickly ?
A. AutoContent Wizard
B. Transition Wizard
C. Chart Wizard
D. Animations

40 . Slide sorter can be accessed from which menu ?
A. Insert
B. File
C. Edit
D. View