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21 . Memory
A. is a device that performs a sequence of operations specified by instructions in memory.
B. is the device where information is stored
C. is a sequence of instructions
D. is typically characterized by interactive processing and time-slicing of the CPU's time to allow quick response to each user.

22 . Which of the following rules out the use of GO TO?
A. Flowchart
C. Nassi-Shneiderman diagram
D. All of the above

23 . A system program that sets up an executable program in main memory ready for execution is
A. assembler
B. linker
C. loader D. compiler

24 . Which of the following are loaded into main memory when the computer is booted?
A. internal command instructions
B. external command instructions
C. utility programs
D. word processing instructions

25 . The FIFO algorithm
A. executes first the job that last entered the queue
B. executes first the job that first entered the queue
C. execute first the job that has been in the queue the longest
D. executes first the job with the least processor needs