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11 . There are three types of data found in a spreadsheet:
A. Numbers, formulas, labels
B. Data, words, numbers
C. Words, numbers, labels
D. Equations, data, numbers

12 . To merge the cells which tab do you use from the format, cells menu?
A. Merge tab B. Number tab
C. Alignment tab D. Font tab

13 . How do you rearrange the date in ascending or descending order?
A. Data, table B. Data, sort
C. Data, form D. Data, subtotals

14 . Which of the following is not a data base application?
A. Access B. dBase
C. edit D. FoxPro

15 . How many save as option in MS Access 2007?
A. 1 B. 2
C. 3 D. 4