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6 . Which symbol must all formula begin with:
A. @ B. =
C. + D. %

7 . In an excel sheet the active cell is indicated by:
A. A blinking border B. A dotted border
C. A dark wide boarder D. None of These

8 . To add two cells (A1 and A2) together you use the following formula:
A. A1 plus A2 B. =A1 + A2
C. =Add(A1+A2) D. =together(A1:A2)

9 . You can create hyperlinks from the Excel workbook to
A. A webpage on company internet
B. A web page on the internet
C. Other office 97 application documents
D. All of the above

10 . The advantage of using a spreadsheet is
A. Calculations can be done automatically
B. Changing data automatically updates calculations
C. More flexibility
D. All of the above