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1 . Usage of Preemption and Transaction Rollback prevents ______.
A. Deadlock situation
B. Data manipulation
C. Deadlock situation
D. Unauthorised usage of data file

2 . Views are useful for _____ unwanted information, and for collecting together information from more than one relation into a single view.
A. Deleting B. Highlighting
C. Hiding D. All of the above

3 . The decision tree classifier is a widely used technique for ______.
A. Association B. Classification
C. Clustering D. Partition

4 . Cross_tab displays permit users to view ______ of multidimensional data at a time.
A. 1 − dimension
B. 2 − dimensions
C. 3 − dimensions
D. Multidimensions

5 . Thoma’s-write rule is ______.
A. Sliding window protocol
B. One phase locking protocol
C. Two phase locking protocol
D. Time stamp ordering protocol