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1 . The first computer virus is --------
A. Sasser B. Creeper
C. Blaster D. I Love You

2 . To protect a computer from virus, you should install -------- in your computer.
A. antivirus B. disk defragmenter
C. disk cleanup D. backup wizard

3 . Which of the following is known as Malicious software?
A. maliciousware B. illegalware
C. badware D. malware

4 . MCAfee is an example of
A. Virus
B. Quick Heal
C. Antivirus
D. Photo Editing Software

5 . A ------- is a computer program that can invade computer and perform a variety of functions ranging from annoying(e.g. popping up messages as a joke) to dangerous (e.g. deleting files)
A. Computer Virus B. Antivirus
C. Ms Word D. Ms Access