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1 . A default catch block catches
A. all thrown objects
B. no thrown objects
C. any thrown object that has not been caught by an earlier catch block
D. all thrown objects that have been caught by an earlier catch block

2 . Format flags may be combined using
A. the bitwise OR operator (|)
B. the logical OR operator (||)
C. the bitwise AND operator (&)
D. the logical AND operator (&&)

3 . The use of the break statement in a switch statement is
A. optional
B. compulsory
C. not allowed. It gives an error message
D. to check an error

4 . To expose a data member to the program, you must declare the data member in the _____ section of the class
A. common B. exposed
C. public D. unrestricted

5 . Which of the following are valid characters for a numeric literal constant?
A. a comma
B. a dollar sign ($)
C. a percent sign (%)
D. None of the above