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21 . What command is used to display the characteristics of a process?
A. au B. ps
C. du D. pid

22 . What command is not used to list the files chap01, chap02 and chap04?
A. ls chap*
B. ls chap[124]
C. ls - x chap0[124]
D. ls chap0[124]

23 . What command is used with vi editor to replace text from cursor to right
A. S B. s
C. R
D. r

24 . What sign is used to back up over typing errors in vi?
A. ! B. $
C. # D. @

25 . What sign is used to erase or kill an entire line you have typed and start you are on a new line (but not display a new prompt)?
A. ! B. $
C. # D. @