31 . Which of the following is the performance attributes of processModel?
A. maxWorkerThreads B. requestQueue limit
C. maxIdThreads D. all of the above

32 . Which of the following is faster and consume lesser memory?
A. SQLDataReader B. Data Set
C. Both (a) and (b) D. None of these

33 . Which of the following is the way to monitor the web application?
A. Alerts Snap-ins B. Performance logs
C. MMC Event viewers D. All of the above

34 . The ________________ property affects how the .Net Framework handles dates, currencies, sorting and formatting issues.
A. CurrentUICulture B. CurrentCulture
C. All of the above D. None of these

35 . Where do we include the user lists for windows authentication?
A. < identity>
B. < Credential>
C. < authorization>
D. < authentiation>