6 . Which of the following method must be overridden in a custom control?
A. The default constructor
B. The Control_Build() method
C. The Paint() method
D. The Render() method

7 . How do we create a FileSystemObject?
A. Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
B. Create Object:"Scripting.FileSystemObject"
C. Server.CreateObject("FileSystemObject")
D. Create("FileSystemObject")

8 . Which of the following tool is used to manage the GAC?
A. GacSvr32.exe B. GacUtil.exe
C. GacMgr.exe D. RegSvr.exe

9 . What class does the ASP.NET Web Form class inherit from by default?
A. System.Web.Form B. System.Web.UI.Form
C. System.Web.GUI.Page D. System.Web.UI.Page

10 . We can manage states in asp.net application using
A. Session Objects B. Application Objects
C. Viewstate D. All of the above