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6 . A man crosses a road 250m wide in 75 seconds. His speed in km/hr is
A. 12 B. 14
C. 10 D. 8

7 . An athelete runs 200meters race in 24 seconds. His speed (in km/hr) is
A. 10 B. 20
C. 30 D. 15

8 . A thief steals a car at 2.30pm and drives it at 60km/hr . The theft is discovered at 3pm and the owner sets off in another car at 75km/hr. When will he overtake the thief ?
A. 7pm B. 6pm
C. 5pm D. 4pm

9 . A bus running at the average speed of 60km/hr reaches from place A to B in 3hours 15min. What is the distance between place A and B ?
A. 150kms B. 185kms
C. 195kms D. 205kms

10 . A student rides on bicycle at 8km/hr and reaches his school 2.5min late. The next day he increases his speed to 10km/hr and reaches school 5 minutes early. How far is the school from his house ?
A. 5km B. 6km
C. 4km D. 8km