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691 . The population of vultures in a particular locality is decreases by certain rate of interest (compounded annually). If the current population of vultures be 29160 and the ratio of decrease in populati
A. 30000 B. 35000
C. 40000 D. 50000

692 . A man had 1000 hens at the beginning of year 2001 and the number of hens each year increases by 10% by giving birth. At the end of each year we double the no. of hens by purchasing the same no. of hen
A. 10600 B. 10648
C. 8848 D. 8226

693 . The difference between simple and compound interest for the fourth year is Rs. 7280 at 20% p.a. What is the principal sum?
A. 10000 B. 50000
C. 70000 D. 40000

694 . A sum of Rs. 210 was taken as a loan. This is to be paid back in two equal installments. If the rate of the interest be 10% compounded annually, then the value of each installment is:
A. Rs. 121 B. Rs. 127
C. Rs. 210 D. Rs. 225

695 . Which of the following is true about pseudocode
A. A machine language
B. An assembly language
C. A high-level language
D. None of the above