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1 . Which of the following sets are null sets ?
A. { } B. ø
C. Both (a) and (b) D. {0}

2 . Let R be a non-empty relation on a collection of sets defined by ARB if and only if A ∩ B = Ø Then (pick the TRUE statement)
A. R is relexive and transitive
B. R is an equivalence relation
C. R is symmetric and not transitive
D. R is not relexive and not symmetric

3 . The binary relation S = Φ (empty set) on set A = {1, 2,3} is
A. transitive and relexive
B. symmetric and relexive
C. transitive and symmetric
D. neither reflexive nor symmetric

4 . Number of subsets of a set of order three is
A. 2 B. 4
C. 6 D. 8

5 . "n/m" means that n is a factor of m, then the relation T is
A. relexive, transitive and not symmetric
B. relexive, transitive and symmetric
C. transitive and symmetric
D. relexive and symmetric