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1 . Quadratic function parabola graph is concave down if
A. a = 0 B. c < 0
C. b < 0 D. a < 0

2 . A parabola graph which opens downward is classified as
A. concave down B. concave right
C. concave left D. concave up

3 . Axis of symmetry in form of vertical line separates parabola into
A. one equal halves B. two equal halves
C. three equal halves D. four equal halves

4 . Graph of quadratic function is classified as
A. parabolas B. annual graph
C. quarter graph D. composite graph

5 . Point in parabola where it passes through y-axis is classified as
A. x-intercept of parabola
B. y-intercept of parabola
C. a-intercept of parabola
D. c-intercept of parabola