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571 . A person sold two cows each for Rs.9900. If he gained 10% on one and lost 20% on the other, then which of the following is true?
A. He Gained Rs. 200
B. He lost Rs. 200
C. He neither gained nor lost
D. None of the above

572 . A retailer buys a radio for Rs 225. His overhead expenses are Rs 15. He sellis the radio for Rs 300. The profit percent of the retailer is
A.  10% B. 50%
C. 25% D. 52%

573 . The marked price of an article is increased by 25% and the selling price is increased by 16.66%, then the amount of profit doubles. If the original marked price be Rs. 400 which is greater than the
A. 240 B. 360
C. 420 D. 600

574 . A dealer sold two of his cattle for Rs. 500 each. On one of them he lost 10% on the other, he gained 10%. His gain or loss percent in the entire transaction was:
A. 10% loss B. 1% loss
C. 1% gain  D. 1% gain