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1 . If the order of matrix A is m×p. And the order of B is p×n. Then the order of matrix AB is ?
A. n × p
B. m × n
C. n × p
D. n × m

2 . If A and B are matrices, then which from the following is true ?
A. AB ≠ BA
B. (At)t ≠ A
C. A + B ≠ B + A
D. all are true

3 . The number of non-zero rows in an echlon form is called ?
A. rank of a matrix
B. cofactor of the matrix
C. reduced echlon form
D. conjugate of the matrix

4 . Transpose of a rectangular matrix is a
A. scaler matrix
B. square matrix
C. diagonal matrix
D. rectangular matrix

5 . Transpose of a column matrix is
A. row matrix B. zero matrix
C. column matrix
D. diagonal matrix