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1 . First step in graphing linear equation is to
A. connect two points
B. extend straight line
C. substitute values in intercept
D. identify and plot coordinates

2 . Variables of linear equation is implicitly raised to
A. first power B. second power
C. third power D. four power

3 . Two equations that can be drawn as same line on graph then these equations are considered as
A. solved equations
B. constant equations
C. equivalent equations
D. non-equivalent equations

4 . Axes in three dimension coordinate system divide plane in three spaces called
A. octants B. quadrants
C. space divide D. dimension divider

5 . Slope intercept form of linear equation is
A. y = b⁄c - ax⁄b B. y = c⁄b - ab⁄x
C. y = c⁄b - ax⁄b D. xy = bx⁄c - ay⁄b